About The Company & Founder

Lyana Blokhina, Founder, CEO.

When you’re a world traveler, some things go with the territory. And not a day goes by when I don’t find myself being asked for advice and recommendations on the topics of travel and my lifestyle passions: hotels, restaurants, tennis and yoga. I love to refer friends, friends-of-friends and really anyone looking to make the most of their travel and leisure experiences to my favorite venues, experiences, studios and travel locales. And just dishing out travel advice in general makes me giddy. You see, I live my life to the fullest and, like many people, realize how precious time can be. So whether it’s a family looking for advice on where to head for the best ski vacation in the USA or an event planner wondering where to host a special gathering for 2,000 souls in Frankfurt, I’m here to help and make the decision making process and logistics altogether more streamlined.


Over the years - and thanks to a career and family passions that have seen me traveling all around the USA and the world - I’ve visited nearly every “it” destination, as well as those hidden gems you wouldn’t normally find on your own. I’m talking about destinations like Deauville and Macau as much as a tucked away winter wonderland in the wilds of Scandinavia or a rustic South Pacific island escape - and about Michelin-starred restaurants as much as an unforgettable family-run bistro where the menu is scrawled on a chalkboard. Add in world class tennis clubs, resorts and yoga studios and my bucket list is complete. We give real time quotes and understand value. Call today for a free quote or use our online system by clicking here.