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Why Use Us?

We know our business! We are always up-to-date with new and updated properties. We know how to leverage the current discounted rates by understanding the historical numbers at each location. Most of all, we focus on the best client experiences. With representatives around the world we have the knowledge and insight to make sure all your needs are focused on.



We are a global team with global reach. We have agreement in over 42 countries and can help you deliver a successful meeting anywhere in the world.

We understand value and relationships. We leverage all of our purchasing power to secure exclusive rates, anytime availability and guaranteed best pricing on your behalf. Regardless of the size or number, business or personal you will enjoy the pricing and concessions associated with our unparalleled service.



We are an industry leader of hotel and destination partnerships. Our third-party buying power allows relationships with virtually every major hotel chain and most independent properties, both domestically and internationally. Our lifestyle and health events are the perfect addition to our core competencies.


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