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   From a very young age, I grew up traveling and exploring different parts of the world with my family, which evoked my love and interest in experiencing different cultures. I began studying foreign languages to further explore and immerse in the countries I was visiting. And over the years, I have studied in London, Copenhagen, Beijing, Paris, Tokyo and many other parts of the world. Having spent a lot of time staying in different hotels during my travels, I became intrigued by the hospitality industry. And for the last 15 years, I have been working in hotels and for site selection companies, specializing in contract negotiations. The insight I have into the industry - both as a guest and from behind the scenes - is an invaluable resource to share with my clients.



   Simply put, I am a gourmet fanatic! Hardly one of those women that picks at a plate of kale and egg whites, I love everything about food and dig right in, enjoying everything from fried and sweet treats to healthier options. I’m also a very social person. And in my circle of family and friends, good times always revolve around the table. I’m perfectly happy dining out alone, too. What a feeling it is to savor a perfect Eggs Benedict alongside a mug of fresh coffee in a new-to-me city, alone with my thoughts and preparing for a busy day ahead. Whether it’s that special table for two or a venue that can put on a top quality menu for hundreds of people without missing a beat, I’ll find that perfect location you’re looking for.



   As a mother to two amazing human beings - both of whom are training to be professional tennis players and are currently top ranked juniors in the USA - I am well versed in the ins and outs of travel as a professional tennis family. Through my children and this crazy tennis world that’s become our home, I found that their passion quickly became my own, too. I am obsessed with the sport! I live and breathe tennis with my kids, and I get out to play myself sometimes, too. After living in San Francisco for 15 years, my family sold our house, packed our bags and moved to Florida to commit full time to the tennis life and give our kids a better chance at achieving their dreams of becoming full-fledged tennis professionals. And the exposure to the world of tennis that I’ve gained through them - where to play, where to relax and where to bask in the sheer joy of the sport - is something I want to share with you.



   I have been practicing yoga for the last 20 years and it’s been a constant joy, challenge and reward in my life. I live a very busy lifestyle, and yoga has been the answer to finding calmness in stressful situations. I received my yoga certification in Bikram, Power and Vinyasa in 2012 because I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the practice. And I’ve taught classes in different cities in the USA. Yoga can be practiced any place in the world and at any time, which really suits my lifestyle. I also teach yoga to my children as part of their daily training sessions, and it’s been a vital tool for keeping their growing bodies stretched and supple. Meditation has also made a difference in their on-court performance and overall well being, as well as my own.


I am extremely dedicated to my work and devoted to providing outstanding service to my clients. Using my degree in International Relations, my background in the global hospitality industry and my multilingual skills and contacts throughout the world, I will make sure that your next event is an absolute success!

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